Ecobank Development Colombia SAS is a tour operator/travel agency formed in Colombia in 2022

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ECOBANK token update - Q2 2023

At the time of writing, its now July 3rd and I really have to do an update on basically every token, ECOBANK - INCOME - ARMERO - even LABFUND could use an update - we'll see how it goes, but my personal life has been busy (productive!) and I am getting great posts out about that as well. I may have to resort to double posting on a single day, although I don't like to do it.

I am going to hit up ECOBANK today with an update, because while I reported that things on the ground are going quite well and that our volcano alert has now been lowered, I promised recently to talk about our fund positioning, which I haven't given an update to for this year.

Where's the money?


So if you didn't know, @ecobanker owns 9.5% of gerber's ETH fund, I have worked with @gerber for a few years now and have played his game and used his code for even longer, while there is some counterparty risk here I think this is a great place to park what was $1000 and is now worth ~$1180+ as we move into the next cycle. It's unclear if this will be tokenized at one point, but it might become openly available to be traded or I might have to do some work to get the money back when the time is right.

This is something to keep in mind, as the @ecobanker account has a number of bits hanging around waiting for the right moment, more on this below.

The power of HIVE


While this fund is mostly dedicated to physical assets, we have also been earning HIVE along the way, and as of now we have over 3700 HP. The @ecobanker account is following the @ecoinstats trail, which keeps its voting power occupied and earns us a bit of curation rewards, but one day this could and might very well be used for a buyback fund.

Everything will change when HIVE is expensive, instead of cheap. Above $1 dollar will be a signal, but I think we can go much higher this cycle.


We are also holding a few other things, including 510 INCOME which we picked up at an average price pretty close to 6 HIVE, so we are doing well here. We got the ARMERO through LABFUND, so its safe to say that we are also up about 2x on our investment there. These tokens are run by me, @ecoinstant, so I have faith that there is no counterparty risk, I run these pretty well, and at least in the case of INCOME, we would be sitting on a bag of nothing when HIVE decides to jump up in price.

These are only medium-term holds, I will have to make some management decisions, but as HIVE rises these funds will either be put into our physical projects or used as buyback to lower the token circulation.

A note about SIM - I play a dCity starter city on @ecobanker - all the SIM/HIVE it earns goes to this account, but the NFTs are mine. I have used this method for quite some time on @ecoinstats and I think it is more than fair for both parties.

On the Market


Recently we have sold some fresh ECOBANK tokens on the market - this HIVE I have put directly into a buy back at 3 HIVE - or near $1. Its not really enough to change anything on the ground, so it is being used to strengthen our market position now. As seen above, we have a pretty healthy portfolio, so I am not really worried that these few tokens could have more effect later - for that we have the things discussed above.

From the original 250,000 token mint, we have somewhere around 123,000 left, the new issue price is $1.65 usd - and I will try to keep some listed on the market. If you don't see @ecobanker's large order, it probably expired, so feel free to poke me.

Feel free to poke me about anything really. If you are interested in investing a medium or large amount, I am available to make a P2P deal for stables or Paypal or something else we negotiate. HIVE being cheap, and ECOBANK somewhat priced in 'dollars', means that now might not be the right time to convert HIVE to dollars.

Cycles of Ratios

I have been trying to communicate this more and more, let's see if I can lay it out here. I will use my own INCOME token as the opposite example - there is an in-house Ratio Trade that has been built out for us, and its going to be really powerful.

When HIVE is expensive, the price of ECOBANK token will likely be less in HIVE terms, even if the price does go up to $2 or higher in that time. With $2 HIVE, we can imagine a future where each ECOBANK token is selling for - 1 HIVE. This is likely the point we will activate some of the funds discussed today into buybacks.

INCOME on the other hand is priced in HIVE. While we may see some squeeze on the price in a HIVE pump, the whole fund is designed to hang onto that HIVE value, which is why that fund is powering up so much HIVE right now. When HIVE is expensive, the INCOME fund will be rich in dollar terms.

At this point the INCOME fund will be able to invest powerfully into ECOBANK, instead of the otherway around which is where we are currently. These ratios slosh back and forth over time frames of years, but this time I have two funds built, one to benefit from each side of the ratio trade.

ECOBANK is the culmination of everything I have learned so far in my entire life, on every subject. Its built on HIVE because HIVE is the best tech-stack for it, but the sustainable development project fund is my life's work, I will probably be doing this until I die (yes one day I will die). It's not really a get-rich-quick scheme, but I am so confident in what I am doing that I am the largest investor in BOTH of my funds. And I don't mind this one bit, after all I don't expect anyone to believe in me more than me.

Ask me anything, anytime. I'm an open book.

Freedom and Friendship

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latinowinner :

good planning and deserved rewards

latinowinner :

good on you

ironshield :

Keep building your dream man!

melinda010100 :

I always learn a bit more about this rather foreign world of token management when I read your posts! 😊 !DHEDGE

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topworlds :

Nothing to say for now than I need to set aside funds to invest in you even if it's 10 hive

dkid14 :

ECOBANK is one of my bigger hive engine holdings. Thanks for the update


pizzabot :

$PIZZA slices delivered: @dkid14(4/20) tipped @ecoinstant

malos10 :

It's clear that you've put a lot of thought into this project, and I'm excited to see how it develops.

I also appreciate your honesty about your goals. You're not trying to hide the fact that you're hoping to make money, but you're also not just in it for the money. You're genuinely passionate about sustainable development, and you want to use your funds to make a positive impact on the world.

I think that's a great attitude, and I wish you all the best with your project. I'm sure you'll do great things.

djbravo :

Your strategy is much better so that we can comfortably profit from them within the next few years.