Ecobank Development Colombia SAS is a tour operator/travel agency formed in Colombia in 2022

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ECOBANK update Q1 2023

A big shout out to @simplegame who reminded me that I need to be professional and do a post about ECOBANK, what I consider to be the most important thing we are working on.

Many, tiny things have happened. Some people are not on the team anymore. We actually dissolved and reopened the company as ECOBANK Development Colombia SAS in Q4 of last year.

But now after re-registering with the Chamber of Commerce of Honda for the new year, we are updating our RNT - an important number if you want to handle tourists in Colombia. Colombia wants tourists to have a good time, not a bad time - they have some standards.


All new and updated legal footing! In fact, another tour operator paid us at ECOBANK our first official invoice when we participated in a group visit, posted about here.


Unfortunately, just this week, 'all tourism is cancelled', because of the red alert of our Volcano. Personally I, along with many locals, think the fact that it is emitting smoke and ash is proof that it won't erupt, but you know how it goes - the end comes for us all.


So Casa Lago actually had to return some money to people who had booked for this week of Holy Week. But still, spirits are pretty high in the region as tourism continues to grow and the main road continues to be completed.

We have become a founding member of as well, a group dedicated to hosting a website and connecting some of the dots for the local promotors.


ECOBANK continues

As a membership fund, we continue. While certain aspects of improving the lands that we do own have gone slower that I have hoped, I think we timed the market quite well when we bought what we did, and time is on our sides.

The sad state of the bear market means its not really time to 'sell' ECOBANK to crypto people, although maybe someone wants to put dollars or other fiat in. Right now we are focused on internally improving the assets that we do have as low of a cost as possible.

This includes the Admin Suite, which although we have managed to get a lot of the material together, construction hasn't yet materialized.


But our socio has gotten a van and decorated it for some local promotion.


The sector is promising, its definitely growing. But on a larger scale, our asset-backed tourism model continues to be viable under all conditions (including grid collapse).

Because one thing I am sure of, no matter what happens, people in these mountains will keep working.

Freedom and Friendship

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dkid14 :

Thanks for the update. !PIZZA !CTP

pizzabot :

$PIZZA slices delivered: @dkid14(4/20) tipped @ecoinstant

novacadian :

Perhaps that tourist frown can be turned upside down about the volcano. Harnessing its thermal energy to power Bitcoin mining, as they are doing in El Salvador, may be a worthy project for the area.

mirroredspork :

Keep up the awesome work, man. Big fan of this, and jealous of the balls it took to do it.


jfang003 :

Thanks for the update and it's too bad that you had to cancel that due to tourism being stopped. The government is weird and they always try to use the safety argument when they want their way. It's nice to see a website created and you are working hard to make it successful.

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simplegame :

OMG! Thanks for the shout out. I LOVE the mini-van ad. Looks so good.

Keep up the great work.