Ecobank Development Colombia SAS is a tour operator/travel agency formed in Colombia in 2022

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What is 'EcoBank'?

Ecobank Development Colombia SAS is a tour operator/travel agency formed in Colombia in 2022 by me @ecoinstant and my wife @ecoinstante after almost two years of research and experimentation and one false start. We have both been involved in the tourism sector for many years prior and also participated in 'Sustainable Development'.

We had identified tourism as a key axis in the sustainable development recipe from years prior, and finally convinced ourselves that this was the right point of leverage to push on.

ECOBANK token is an anonymous share of non-preferential stock in the Ecobank Development Colombia SAS company.

Ecobank Development Colombia SAS holds two main assets currently, the first of which is 8.2 hectares of perfectly situated land on the main road between Lerida and Libano, you can see some drone footage here:

Our goal is to one day build a resort hotel here that will be a world class ecological resort for members and everyone to enjoy and visit.

During our first raise, in 2022, we didn't gather enough funds to build our dream ecological resort, so we pivoted and bought into an existing hotel, called Casa Lago at 50% equity.

Here we have been fixing up the property, including building a second private suite, replacing all the electrical wiring, and finishing up an admin suite, among other things. Our Colombian RNT is operating from this location currently.

We think we might be able to sell this property in 2024 and move forward in one or more ways towards our goals of participating profitably in the sustainable development of the region.


One thing that has become clear over the last years of operation, is that this is a slow game. Real estate investment is not generally known as fast paced industry, but things operate even slower down here in Colombia. I often talk about some idea, and months later.... am still talking about the idea.

I don't know a way around this - this project, while it involves an asset backed token model (stock), is not and never will be as fast or perhaps as 'interesting' on a day to day basis as other projects in the crypto space.

When members tell me 'its time for an update!', and nothing of major note has happened, I struggle with what to write about. This is on me, but the most exciting updates about this project are probably coming from outside of the project itself right now.


Now say what you will about external factors, the world markets will do what they are going to do. Personally, I am working on becoming a better avatar for this project (and for myself), by using twitter. And as I do this, I realize that the one clear call to action that I have right now, is the ECOBANK. Whether its for people to come visit us, or perhaps even interest in investing with us, is the most presentable way to answer the question - "What do I do?".

ECOBANK is designed to be nearly infinitely expandable without dilution. We can grow at any time, issue more shares as long as we ensure that this price is appropriate so that early investors never get diluted. I don't know what the future holds, but its possible some day in the future we will get one or more new investors. But we don't need it, we will continue to manage our company the best we can, with what we have.

As always, leave me your questions, comments and/or concerns in the comments, reach out to me here, on twitter or on discord any time, about almost any topic.

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djbravo :

This business is becoming very popular even within our country and now there are people who like to do business in this way, especially those who have the habit and passion of traveling to other cities and other countries. If so, select this business.

mirroredspork :

Excellent work...and here is one of the best parts: the website works and is up to date! I have an associate who owns a IT solution company who hasn't updated his website since Windows 8.

Keep up the awesome work, dude. Maybe me and mine will book a mini-vacation in the future, God willing we make it that far.


esalcedo :

@tipu curate 8

tarabh :

Look like a very exciting project, wishing you the best of luck and good fortune.

lol!, I'm chuckling at the idea of giving a coffee farmer a coffee tip. Coals to Newcastle as they say :-)


roleerob :

Thank you for putting this update together @ecoinstant. As an investor in it, great to see details of where you are currently and what your hopes and dreams are for the future.

It sounds like a future update may be the story behind you selling Casa Lago and moving on to the next chapter, as it unfolds.

As we head into 2024, all the best to you, in your future endeavors. 👍🫡

precab :

This is really looking like an exciting project and I must confess you are doing a great job over there

jfang003 :

I think it's a good place outside of the main city for people to travel to. So I don't think it's a bad idea at all. I am also glad that you don't plan on diluting the original investors and keep up the good work. It may take some more time than you expected, but you can't do much about that.

biyimi :

This is really an interesting project which I strongly believe has a lot to also offer in the future to comes