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Worlds apart - we continue

I was very happy and proud to finish Part 1:The Real Solutions just in time to go off-grid ourselves, about 6 days without electricity on the farm. Today its back and very grateful we are for it - how long could you last without grid power?

And would you look nearly this happy?


It always feels nice to be appreciated:


Here's an update from 'the real world', which of course is fake - our government is spending a lot of money to shoot down what is likely amateur HAM radio replicator balloons, known as Pico Balloons.

The funny money stuff is happening folks. The world-ending war is just getting started, and regular humans are being considered as harmful carbon gasbags. The only hope is real sustainable development including solutions like Eco-Tourism and Regerative Agriculture, and I am still working on the second post in what is looking to be at least a three post series addressing the questions that Jordan Peterson posed.

I am thinking we might need an ECOBANK booth at the consortium....

In the meantime we have not been slacking. We recently visited our Lake House property, where things are in motion to build an admin suite on the property starting this month. Some of the material is already here.


The property does need a bit of work, but for that reason we are eager to construct the admin suite so that we can spend several days a week attending to this property and project.

Our local partner, Mr. Daza, has used some of the money we injected into his business to buy a van. Having a motivated partner is a real (albeit intangible) asset.


I know I have not published much at all this quarter with regards to ECOBANK, but I am confident to have a strong closing. This year is just getting started and its looking to be a positive one for our whole town in terms of tourism.

We are working hard to get all the paperwork done with regards to our legal entity, that should be finished before 31st of March. We had paused conversion into pesos while the dollar exchange rate dipped, and now it is back up again (around 4900COP). These things take time, at the time of posting we have officially paid 103/180M and have extended the no interest period with our partner.

Slow and steady - until soon it won't be slow anymore.

I should have an update on our second property before the end of February. Our roadside fence was damaged and we may have a claim to get some small amount of compensation to make a new one. More to come on that.

Freedom and Friendship!

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hankanon :

Nice report!


tydynrain :

Marvelous update! I wish you immense success with your goals! Great stuff! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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itwithsm :

Government have their own priorities, they don't think about the common man and are spending billions of $ on war and emo, I don't know when and how this will end. Load shedding is regular here in my country and it has become a part of our life.

djbravo :

The way you are working hard and working with all your heart, you will definitely succeed in the coming days because when a person sets a goal in his life and works hard day and night on it, it is certain that sometimes such things happen. Even here in Pakistan, when the heat comes, the government here also does the same, or there are no lights for eight hours a day.